Faster Fix List

This is just a small sample of WordPress fixes and tasks recently completed by the Faster team. Don’t worry if your issue is not listed, there are literally thousands of fixes and tasks that are in-scope. Contact us if you have any questions.

Clean up hack and identify attack vector
Change email that contact form sends to
Change pics in homepage slider
White screen of death
Fix formatting of blog post
Blog post images not loading
Correcting alignment of image on home page
Changing address in footer and on contact page
Publish a client written blog post
Uploading a picture of a new employee to the home page
Fix alignment of sidebar
Correct alignment of footer on mobile devices
Recommend and install a new social media plugin
Add Google Analytics tracking to blog
Change url of page
Permalinks not working
Connection Timed Out error
Error Establishing Database Connection
Add redirects for unpublished posts
Remove Maintenance Mode Following Upgrade message
Fix broken link in navigation
Install redirect plugin and configure with wildcards
Fix custom post type 404 error
Fix CSS issue
Fix fatal error message
Unable to upload images
Wordpress syntax error
Pages loading unusually slow
Image upload permissions error
Identify and replace plugin with known vulnerability
PHP errors
Internal Server Error
Failed Auto-Upgrade
Cannot modify header information – headers already sent error
Call to undefined function error
Allowed Memory Size Exhausted error
Maximum execution time exceeded error
MySQL error 28
MySQL error 145
MySQL Unknown Column error
WooCommerce update
404 errors after plugin update
Restore a deleted post
Identify author that made a specific change
Install and configure Google Tag Manager
Add Google Analytics event tracking
MySQL database 500 error
Comments box not appearing on Posts
Embed youtube video on new page
Admin bar not appearing when logged in
Enable SSL for login pages
Install and configure WordFence Security plugin
Investigate Google malware warning
Remove malware infection
Increase max file upload limit
Add pdf asset to website
Embed a Power Point slide in a blog post
Add author name to posts
Remove date from blog posts
Change default font for theme
Change default colors of theme
Change styling of responsive menu
404 page after changing permalinks
Add Facebook comments to posts
Plugin not working after updating WordPress
Install and configure Gravity Forms plugin
Add meta descriptions to pages and posts
Optimize page titles with Yoast plugin
Create a custom blog page
Add schema markup to address in footer and contact page
Fix “ugly” urls
Menus blank after installing new theme
Add feature images to blog posts
Slider stopped working
Restore old version of blog post
Embed Google form on page
Install and configure live chat plugin
Change menu colors
Set static front page
Change size of h1 titles, headers